February 14th is where two people mingle together. You see a lot of happy faces everywhere roaming around the parks and gardens. While even a thought of the day gets you tingling sensation, it also stirs anxiety in some people. Lovers always wait for an occasion to be together and spend the day with each other.  This is a day where a boy or a girl is compulsory expected to give a gift to someone they love. A token of love, an exchange of gifts, a day to express your feeling towards someone else is famously known as a Valentine’s day. Funnily, some people call it a “hump day” as well.  Regardless what people call it, Valentine’s day has become a more of a tradition among the youngsters. Exchanging of gifts, flowers, chocolates, kisses, candy is so old-fashioned way to let the partner know your feelings. How about going a little bit off the track and offer something very unique to the person you love. Instead of getting the ho-hum Valentine’s flowers and cards, you can dedicate a poem to your better half. The same idea has piqued our mind and has enticed us to write a unique Valentine’s day poem for her. Yes, this time around, the poem is written specifically for boys.

valentines day poem for her

Poems have been used over centuries to send the right message to the people. Definitely, penning down a meaningful poem with the succinct message is not easy to find. In a few of our earlier posts, we covered more Valentine’s poems for him and her. Even, we have included some romantic love poems which you can dedicate to your loved ones. In essence, these poems will not only impress them but will also help you send your message in a much more emphatic way. Without further ado, let me present a BEAUTIFUL GIRL poem that has been written for girls. You can dedicate the poem as a valentine poem for her.

Valentine’s day poem for her

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Beautiful girl

Beautiful girl,

Just sing me your song,

While the rains play along.

And all of your loveliness,

In the dark it will glow.

And after the darkness falls,

That I love you, you’ll know.


Beautiful girl,

Just give me your hand,

Before the end of this dance.

And like a rhyme with no rhythm,

That’s my life without you

But not like the changing seasons,

My love will stay true.

Oh!!! Beautiful girl, please accept my proposal

Today is not a day of single

So let’s just mingle

My single heart is ready to mingle

Oh!!! Beautiful girl, please accept my proposal

Valentine’s Day Poem Card

Like before, we have made a separate poem card for you so you can share it with the person whom you love.

beautiful girl poem for her

valentine poem for her

valentine's day poem

Instead of proposing her with a bunch of flowers, you can definitely impress her with such romantic Valentine’s day poem for her. In the near future, we will be also adding few more poems under the poems section of our valentine blog. There are many other creative ideas sending a perfect message to your partner. For example, the super hilarious valentine greeting cards will surely bring a smile on her face. In the worst case, you can even send someone an anti valentine greeting card to let them know how much you hate this occasion.

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