While people prefer expensive gifts to please the women/girl friend, there are still some traditional way to make her happy on this Valentine’s day? One such way is to dedicate a Valentine’s day love poems to him or her. In a near future, we will share some interesting gift ideas for men and women on our dedicated valentine’s day blog.  In case if you are a man who would like to express his love then the following Valentine’s day love poem is the best way to express that feeling. The same applies to the woman as well. There are people who understand that Valentine’s day gifts, greeting cards, balloons and many other are just a marketing gimmick of a corporate world to increase the sales. In a way, we do support the same but that doesn’t mean we are against it. However, there are many cost free yet subtle way to express the love. For example, you can write a short love song for your loved ones, you can send her an e card or SMS or greeting message and so on.

valentines day

My husband prefers to take me out for a dinner on this day. We spend the entire day together without being worried about anything else. He has scheduled a romantic abroad trip this time around. This time around, I have decided to gift him a blog instead of any other expensive gifts. As a blogger he is passionate about blogging and hence I decided to give him something that he loves a lot. This is just an idea how you can be innovative to express your feeling towards someone else. The Valentine’s day poems are yet another way to do the same. As a poet, I have written many love poems which you can use to impress your husband or wife. Let this Valentine day be the special day of his/her life.

Valentines Love Poem

The following is a Valentines love poem for him and her. It can be used equally for a boy or a girl. Let your feelings flow out in a form of a poem. In case if you want to go an extra yard ahead, then you can print the poem on a card or something and send it to the person you love.

Tell Me What Is Love?

This feeling I sense when you are around,

Tell me what it is, oh tell me right now.

The butterflies that flap their tender little wings,

Inside the pit in my stomach, a melody in my thoughts rings.

Tell me if its love, that four lettered cupid!

I’ve read them in books, and have always found it stupid.

Show me how it’s done, how to love someone?

Tell me what is love, so I could love my future hon.

I can feel myself gasping for some fresh breath,

When he walks around or sits next to me instead.

I stammer like a fool, and fail to control my thoughts.

Tell me what is love, so I could connect the dots.

He makes my knees feel so weak, and I might just melt down.

But when he hugs me, I find myself somewhat strong.

I want to talk with him, and then I sound so desperate.

Tell me what is love, so I can make sure we never separate.

My heart pounds in my rib cage, and I can literally hear the thud,

When he comes closer, and pours out his thoughts like a flood.

And although, in so many months, we have barely known each other.

Tell me what is love, so that I can talk without a stutter.


In his smile, or his smirk, in his eyes I felt I heard,

A melody without him uttering a word.

He dint really have to say, that he had felt the exact same way.

Oh tell me what is love, so that I can confirm it any day.

‘Love’ they say is a feeling of affection.

The thoughts that play with my deep emotions.

In silence when he hugs me and I can hear his heart beat,

I know that moment manages to always turn up the heat.

A question in my head that kept instigating fate.

I had to ask him before it was too late.

Will you always be there? Will you always love me?

With a glint in his eyes he said “Yes, for an eternity.”

Bonus: Valentine’s Day Love Poem Cards

Like last time around due to the popular demand of the cards, we have posted the entire poem in a Valentine’s day card. In case, if you want to go ahead with this then you can download the image and send it to the loved ones via email, Facebook or any other medium.

Note: Copying or redistribution of our poems and cards without prior permission or credit is not allowed.

valentines day love poem


valentines love poem

Valentine’s day is all about spreading the love. Not only you are supposed to express the love to your lover/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife, but you can  express the feeling to your parents and kids. In a very near future, we will be writing few poems for kids as well so we suggest you to keep an eye on the poems section of our blog. As mentioned below, there are people who condemn such celebration. For such people we have a super collection of funny anti Valentine’s day quotes that they can spread to make fun of the occasion. We have a freedom of speech so I do not condemn such act directly. The post is more of a fun than sarcasm towards the community.

Keep in touch with us to get all the latest updates. Hopefully, you liked the Valentine’s day love poems mentioned here. Few more Valentine’s love poems will follow soon.