Valentine’s day is a day of love when lovers exchange gifts and kisses. Everyone wants to be unique just to impress the person they love. Gifts, flowers, cookies, chocolates, jewelry and cards are so old-fashioned. Since everyone is in haste to be unique, they do something unusual. Some of the examples include valentine’s day games, parties, exotic tour, diamond ring etc. Throwing a valentine party is so much fun especially when you have to set up a party for your church, small groups, sorority, or a family. There are people who throw parties for a noble cause and there are people who throw the party to please someone they love. No matter for whatever reason you are throwing the party, you can make it much more entertaining by adding some valentine’s day games to the list. Kids and youngsters love games, so including the games in the party will make it a much more entertaining. Since most of the times the party is celebrated by lovers, our main focus is to provide the games that are suited for the young audience. Here are few exciting valentines day games for couples and events that can spice up your party.

valentine's day games

Valentine’s day 2014 games

Have fun with the creative valentines day games and activities that you can enjoy at school, home party, family gathering and in a separate party. These games will not only pique your love but it will also help you to spend the quality time with the sweetheart. Valentine’s day celebration has become clichéd now, people round it off with spending some time alone with each other. Sometimes it makes you happy and puts in dilemma to as what to gift your sweetheart. Let’s take a look at the fun valentine day games for couples.

Games for Newlywed

Games for newlywed is very famous during this time as many couples plan to get married on 14th Feb. Perhaps, the sole reason makes the valentine’s day much more joyous. Thew newlywed party games for valentines day include question and answer, scavenger hunt, valentine’s day trivia and few more. The Q&A games are more interesting as it could turn into a big laugh. Yahoo has some interesting set of questions that will make you giggle for sure. It also goes well with funny valentine’s day sayings.

newlywed games

Some of the funny questions are

  1. How would you rate your wife/husband against your first love?
  2. What was the first meal that your wife cooked for you?
  3. When was your first kiss?
  4. Which was your most embarrassed moment?
  5. Has your spouse ever passed a gas in front of you? If yes, how many times your spouse passes the gas in a week?
  6. How many cousins does your spouse have?
  7. Is your spouse beautiful compared to ABC friend?

It’d also be possible to try this game on a couple who has been married for a long time. Usually, you find more interesting questions for such couples. 

Valentine’s day trivia

Would you like to test the general knowledge of the person you love? Valentine’s day trivia will reveal the genius side of your sweetheart. The game could turn into humor when the answerer starts giving vague answers.

  • Which states produce highest flowers in America?
  • How many valentine’s day cards are given annually?
  • What is the break-up ratio in America?
  • How many couples get married on valentine’s day 2013?
  • Why cupid represents love?

The list is endless. The above questions will definitely turn your valentine’s day games in an entertaining party. The person with most successful answer could get a chance to dance with his/her partner or gets a valentine’s day card. You can also offer more interesting gifts to them.

Advice on Marriage Game

Why not let your partner know what you don’t like about them without hurting their feelings? Advice on marriage game is designed to solve the small issues between the couple. Are you tired of snoring problem of your husband or wife? Are you annoyed with their bad habits? Let them know what you don’t like about them by playing this meaningful valentine’s day game. You need to provide small pieces of paper to each couple. On one slip they need to note down all the problems that could occur in a marriage or relationship. Like for example husband wants the living room to be changed to playing room and one of the partners snore loudly every night.

marriage game advice

And on the other piece of paper the spouse needs to write solutions to marriage or relationship and it’s not necessary that the solutions should relate the problems that were noted before.

And once all the slips are written mix it up and read one solution and one problem at a time. It can actually turn out to be hilarious. Like for example, the problem could be “husband snoring at night loudly” and the solution could be “Run around in a whipped cream bikini.”

It will definitely turn into a super hilarious game.

couple guessing valentine's day game

Guessing the Couple

This game is also equally interesting. Here the couples need to write a few facts about their relationship which they think could be unique. Then you need to give each couple a blank paper and guess for the couple which best suits for the criteria. Whoever guesses the most correct couples and has a high count wins the game. To make the game more interesting you could ask them to write about bizarre situations as well. For example, you can write that you got caught spying on neighborhood girl.

famous couple

Guessing Game for famous couples

This is also a very similar kind of a game like the one above, but involves only famous couples. It’s more like a quiz or trivia for the couples participating in the game. In some cases, you can also include their affairs as a trivia question. For example, with whom Monica got caught? With whom Tiger woods was dating? With whom Tiger woods got caught naked? Make the couples guess about the famous couples by explaining one unique point about them.

Activities and Prizes

Would you like to perform some activities instead? Valentine’s day is about spreading the love. Either you can spend the day with your sweetheart or you can help the community by donating something to the poor. In case if you are enjoying your day with family or sweetheart then you can do some fun activities like a scavenger hunt or something similar.

valentines day trivia

Hide candy or gift in your home and let your valentine search the entire home for the gift. You can make it interesting by giving them some clues about the gift or possible places you could have hide the gift. Don’t make it too hard for them.

If you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend to celebrate the valentines day, then you can gather all the friends and celebrate anti valentines day. There are some good anti valentines day ideas presented on this blog. You can even make personalized anti valentines day cards using some anti valentine day quote or sayings.

These were a few valentine’s day game that can help you make your valentine party a big bash. Have fun playing around these interesting games and making your sweetheart happy. Share love and care.