Short Poem for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is said to be the occasion where two bodies unite together. The streets are full with flowers and pink dresses. Flowers, chocolates, love greeting cards, gifts and many other love related gifts will flood the market. Would you like to break yourself free from the traditional way of celebrating the Valentine’s day 2014? Every year, I write endearing Valentine’s poem for my hubby to show my affection towards him in the most creative way. No matter whether you are just a lover or a married couple, love never stops. In fact, it never seized to amaze me how two souls take a decision to spend together their entire life. The best gift I could get from my hubby is my kid. Our ancestor says, the marriages are fixed in a heaven. So True! My heaven in on the earth and I call it a home. I often end up writing an enticing short Valentine day poems to show my love and passion.

valentines day 2014

Love birds always wait for 14th February, which is now famously known as Valentine’s Day, to propose the other partner. There are various ways to express your feelings towards the other person, and one of them is Valentine’s day poem or songs. Perhaps, this is what has inspired me to open a Valentine’s day poem section consist of our own unique poems. My husband loves the poem and I always dedicate these poems to him. In case, if you feel the same for a person whom you love, then you can dedicate these Valentine’s day poems. Our ivaletinesday blog is dedicated for those who believe in spreading the love.

Valentine’s Day Poem and Card

Would you like to see the poem written by me? This very short Valentine’s day poem is based on the “love” theme. You can buy a greeting card and pen down this poem there. Be creative, be innovative and be lovable.

Note: Redistribution and rewriting of our poems are not allowed without explicit permission. A link back is appreciated in case if you are copying our poem.

I don’t mind the heartaches, i don’t mind the pain,

Cause its the summer of love, even though its not may.

I don’t mind waiting for you for hours in the rain,

Cause true love will surely find its way.


You maybe scores of miles away from me,

But you live always forever in my heart.

Your voice is sweet as honey that makes me so happy,

Baby… Blue days are over, its time for a new start.


I’ll come up to your door every Sunday morning,

With my gifts of roses and diamond rings.

And then you will hear the sweet birds calling,

All the world’s happiness at your feet i shall bring.


Am sitting in my room and writing you this letter,

Even though you know that i love you so true.

For there ain’t anybody who can make me feel better,

My true love, yes it is you.

Valentine’s day will always be an important occasion in my life. For our beloeved readers, we have taken an extra effort to create a card from the above short valentines day poem. Just click on the images below to see them in a full screen mode and then right to save image on your desktop. You know the drill, right?

short valentines day poem

short valentines day poem 2

Why not make this Valentine’s day much more interesting by sending the above card to your loved ones? In case, if you want us to provide more Valentine’s day card then do let us know via the comment section below. We will make a special card for you and send it your way instantly.

Love is in the air and let this air go viral. Let this air affect each and every living animal on the planet earth. Our heart is pure and we want to be fill it up with love and not evil thoughts. Understand the importance of love in human’s life. Not only spread the in your family but to other humans as well. Life is too short for silly fights.

Have you enjoyed the short Valentine’s day poem provided by us? In future, we will follow up the post with more poems. Keep your eye on the poem section of our blog. This is where we put all the Valentine’s day poems.