funny love poemValentines day 2014 is just a month away and we see a huge tempo building up for an another short vacation. Lovers are prepping themselves up for the festival of their life. Every year, they wish to be different from the previous year so they can show their affection towards someone they love. Again, the astriction on their mind is unbearable as there are plenty of gifts to choose from. Our dedicated valentines day is, therefore, made to help out such people. Our inbox has literally been bombarded with the request for a valentines day poems. After the huge success of some of our previous poems, we have decided to go for an another round of poems for our beloved readers. In fact, some of the readers went ahead and requested some funny valentines day poems for them so they can make their partner giggle on this V-day.

At, we listen to the request of our readers. In an effort to fulfil our promises, we have now written some hilarious poems for the people in love. They are entirely different from our sarcasm posts for valentines day which is more targeted towards the community who opposes V-day.  In case, if you are a bit worried about your pocket getting lighter, then you can check out some of the cheap ideas for valentines day that you can use to not only impress your boyfriend or girlfriend but your pocket as well.

Oftentimes, lovers try to be innovative to impress the person they love. Such innovative valentines day gift ideas are already covered on our blog. However, the poems seem to be the people’s choice. People like to dedicate a love song or poem to someone they love. Poems have always been in the mind of the people like me as it not only represents your love but your feelings as well. While we refrain from posting rude valentines day poems, which is just a sarcastic post for those who hate valentines day celebration,  we often publish romantic poems for him or for her. To continue the tradition, this post will cover some of the funniest poems for valentines day 2014.

funny valentines day poem

Funny Poems for Valentines Day

Basically, there are two different funny valentines day poems for you.

  1. The blue love
  2. Nobody better than wife

 Note: Our poems are copyright protected. Without the due credits we do not allow anyone to publish the poems on their blog.

The Blue love

Round I went in her eyes so blue

Damn, my eyes, really got blue.

Her guy was around watching me from the loo

There was nowhere that I could Move.

That lady in the beautiful Blue gown again

Made my heart go drown & drown

Wearing a blue coat entered a handsome old man

Ouch, my eyes blue again, was the lady’s Dad’o’man.


The morning sky, up so blue

Birds in group, together they flew

Winds in my garden, so hard they blew

Came my dream girl again, without any clue.


She said who?

I said you.

She again said who?

I said you.


Bounced her crew

Like a hullabaloo

I was on my bed again,

With my lovely body full blue

Roaring moo and moo.


I wished to drag them to a zoo

But that was something that I just can’t do.


This time, the reflections were blue

I made sure my eyes won’t get blue.


The reflections of the jewelled blue hat

Crossing through the crystal clear glass

On my heart

In my eyes

And In my soul.


I went up so new

Thinking it was cute

With the softness of her hands,

She flipped her Blue hat

There came a slap!!

Oo Oo Oo Oo

This time, my cheeks got so blue.


Do me favour ladies, do not wear blue

Or it will be time I stick home like glue.


I do not want to argue

Just to say adieu.

Get to me once

And I shall work it three, two & through.


You are gonna like it so true

We shall then rock like yahoo.

You are gonna like it so true

We shall then rock like Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo!!!

Hopefully, you like our “the blue love” funny poem. The second poem covers the inherent nature of the men. They say, men are always attracted towards the other women, but at the end they realize that there is nobody better than a wife. The following funny valentines day poem depicts the same.

funny valentines day poems

Nobody better than wife

You came into my life

On that beach, that day.

In those pink clothes

Cut top & the mini skirt.


I thought love was in for me.


I was amazed at the cozy gesture

When you walked up close to me.

The special roses you loved

& the amazing dinner we loved.


It felt like violins & guitars all over

It felt a beautiful world pulling over.


I thought love was in for me.


I saw you doing the same

With another new guy.

I saw you doing the same again

Yet with another new guy.


Guys kept changing

Your clothes kept changing.

Days were mere passing

But no traces of a single feel from you.

No trace of any love from you.


You were flooded with guys

and their ayes,

who buy’s & buy’s

for your doll eyes.


Soon I felt

Love didn’t treat me nice.

It kicked my butt

And crushed me with blood.


I thought love was in for me.                                                    

But sadly it wasn’t.


I wish to hold you close

Close in my arms

So close, that

I could throw you in the river nearby.


I wish to have your picture nice

So nice, that

The obituary column looks vice.


I wish to slice you well

So well, that

The blender could grind you more well.


I thought love was in for me                                                     

But sadly it wasn’t.

Neither for me, nor for you.


And now I wish, for a wish.

My wife excuses me

For all the mischief.


I will love her, only her and only her.

I promise not to look for another ‘her’.


Love will definitely be in for me

This timewith my wife, my life.

There is NOBDODY better than a WIFE.

Did it bring a smile on your face? After all, that’s the intention of the our funny poems for valentines day 2014. Poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea. We understand this and this is why we let our readers distribute the valentines day poems for free to the people they love. In case, if you would like to get featured on our blog, then send us your love ideas, poems, gift ideas or anything you plan to do on this valentines day 2014.

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