Valentine’s day can be a wonderful and romantic holiday to celebrate with your loved one or it can be the most dreaded days of the year if you have lost your loved ones. Girls always anticipate a surprising gift from the boy. The most common gifts are valentine’s day cards, flowers, jewelry, teddy bear, roses and few more. However, you can make the day much more interesting by giving your loved ones a surprising gift. Let it be a funny valentine’s day card or a romantic dinner or anything that comes into your mind. The most common way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by sending Valentine’s greeting card on February 14. This day has officially become a “Be My Valentine” proposal day. You will find many boys and girls proposing someone they secretly love. In case if you are yet to propose someone you love, then you can do that by sending her a cute valentine’s day card or a gift. While women love jewelry, you can also dedicate them some romantic poems as well.

It is a perfect way to show your love and the feeling you have for her. It is very difficult to find the right card that is funny and even lovable. Finding a romantic Valentine’s card does not have to be as hard as it might seem. Why not let us take all the responsibilities and collect some of the best possible funny happy valentine’s day cards for you guys. Valentine’s cards are usually sappy and do many comparisons between the recipient and emotions of a sender. Basically, you pen down your feelings in the form of the card and then send it to the someone you love. Perhaps, this is the reason why your message should be subtle and easy to grasp. There are still many things to be taken care while you are proposing. Proposing someone is a daunting task and sometimes it is almost an impossible task. However, the best and quickest way to send a proposal without sweating is to send an adorable greeting card, which must be lovable and funny too. This might be the different way to propose, but might work out for you on this Valentine’s Day and make successful proceedings to your new life with your partner.

Funny Valentines Cards

Here are some of the funniest valentine’s day cards for your loved ones. These cards are funny as well as expressing their love in the best way as they can.

Let us look at the first one, which is so cute. A subtle message through chemical table has been given to the lover. If you notice it carefully, then you can see that the person has called his girlfriend “cute” using this funny valentines day card.

funny vday card

This clearly indicates what funny Valentine’s card is all about. The above card expresses his feeling towards her and looks at the way of expressing his feelings, so funny and CuTe in a technical way. So one can imagine about the innovation these days regarding the presentation of the Valentine card.

Here is another one for you, which you can see that the content on the card says nothing about the Valentine. You can have a look at the content in the card that every now and then he is using the word Anything which is almost meaningless in the situation, and trying to make it funny.

funny valentine day card

However, except the second card in all the cards he expressed his love in a straight way. But the first one looks something different from all of those saying “Shot Through the Heart” means you have broken my heart or steeled it with your beautiful eyes, looks, face and the most important thing is your heart. How poetic?

There are many to go. Another way of presenting a funny valentine greeting card in an innovative way is mentioned below. We are sure that you might not even thought about this idea in your wildest dream.

funny valentines recipe

This one I like the most because of his demands presented on the card before the Valentine accepts his love. Isn’t it the best way to propose your idea in a most subtle way?  The new recipe card has found a new angle. The lover has conveyed the message in a form of recipe.

While the above card might bring a tear in your eyes, the following one will definitely bring a chuckle on your face. Valentine’s Day is the day when most of the proposals are done. There are many different ways of proposing through funny cards, here is another one which will definitely make you laugh.

funny face card

This is the most different ways I have ever seen. Just have a look at the picture at some time and the expression on the face, it doesn’t match to the way he loves for someone with such kind of expression.

funny valentine card

funny v day card

v day card

funny happy valetines card

All the above cards and ideas are very innovative and could be used in many different ways. Let this be your funniest proposal of your life. Let’s make the Valentine’s day 2014 different from all the previous years. You never know whether you will be alive tomorrow or not. In many cases, such ideas do work. In case if you have already got the soul mate then this is the perfect way to bring a smile on their face. Let them know that you have a great sense of humor.

In case, if you want to send a short romantic poem embossed on the card, then you can check out our short poem cards as well. Our dedicated valentine’s day 2014 poem section has all poems available in the form of  cards as well. Probably, you can use them on your card and get them printed so they are ready to be sent to the someone you love. We also have a collection of anti valentine’s day cards in case if you have just broken up recently.

Hopefully, you liked our collection of funny Valentine’s day cards. In the near future, we will be adding more cards to our collection. Rest assured, you do not have to go to another website to find anything related to Valentine’s day.