Valentine day is the day of love, many of us want to plan it in a different way, in a unique way. Some people go gaga by spending big money and while others prefer a cheaper route. Most of the couples choose expensive way with a highly posh dinner plan or with expensive gifts. But one can have a valentine day much more romantic and that too without spending much money. There are many cheap valentines day ideas that you can follow to leave a long lasting impact on your valentine. While advertisers often lure the people to buy costly gifts by providing some hefty discounts, there are people who understand the gimmick used by these advertisers and stay away from such lucrative offers. There are many people who celebrate Valentine’s day in an old-fashioned or a traditional way. Would you rather prefer to save some bucks? Perhaps, this is just a right post for you. Our collection of cheap valentines day ideas will not only provide you some interesting ideas to celebrate the love day, with most awesome way, but also will help you in impressing your partner. At the end of the day, we all wish to convey our message in a most prolific way. Here we’re listing some of the cheap valentine day ideas. It will surely help you from a big dent in your pocket.

Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2014

In a few of our previous posts, we mentioned tons of cost effective ways to celebrate the V-day. For example, you could send a nice romantic poem or you can also send funny cards to someone you love. This post will give you many more ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day in a manner that doesn’t lighten your wallet.

cooking on valentines day


Cooking for her is the way too intimate. As an old adage, way to heart goes from the tummy. Going for a small drink before having food (especially wine) may lead to something more romantic. Either book a reservation at a great restaurant or just go with traditional in house cooking. The choice is yours. However, in house cooking is much more romantic and intimating. You can also surprise her by cooking something she loves. If it is not possible, then you can order the food from some restaurant. Follow the cooking with some wine or romantic movie or song. Girls always like someone who cares for her. The same formula is also applicable for men as well. In case, if you are a woman, then you can cook something delicious for your men.

This goes well with flowers. Add peonies, tulips or Gerbera daisies to the table. Just don’t let her/him do anything

She/ he will like this idea for sure, just literally take her and don’t let her do anything on valentine night. You set the table, fix the drinks, do the dishes, make her dinner, massage her feet, and watch a nice romantic movie together. You can fix your budget to not over $35 on a good wine.

men in kitchen

Just don’t let her do anything

In case if you are a man, then this is one of the most wonderful ideas that can help you out to impress her. A woman likes to be treated like an angle. Why not let her feel the same on this valentines day? She will like this idea for sure, just literally take her and don’t let her do anything on this valentine night. You set the table, fix the drinks, prepare the dishes, make her dinner, massage her feet, and watch a nice romantic movie together. Don’t forget to spend some money on a good, cheap wine. In case if you are a woman, then you can also refer our cute valentines day ideas for boyfriend article which will give you tons of other ideas that you can use to impress him.

This goes well with morning accidental breakfast for her. You know what to expect at night in case if you managed to satisfy her needs.

spa on valentines day 2014

A spa day

Try a home spa for your partner. Everyone loves a spa, especially when our partner gives it. Try a facial, pedicure, manicure and body massage at calm afternoon followed by a romantic dinner at home. Use natural oil to give a hot massage to your partner. In case, if you are still unsure about how to give a massage then you can try out some YouTube videos. You can access you tube videos to learn few spa techniques to through surprise at your partner. Massage could also lead to supreme satisfaction. Have a look at the one of the best massage that you could give to either men or women.

valentines day memories

Revive old memories

Would you rather prefer to revive the old memories? This special gift is highly recommended for the people who are married or dating each other for a long time. Record a video tape of your cuddling time. Nothing is beautiful as an old sweet memories. Let her talk to you about the videos without getting noticed by her. Make an intimate video (Not a sex tape). Create something which covers your romantic moments. You know the rest of the drill. Stretch out your arm in bed and tell each other romantic things. Spend fine time to edit this video with some romantic touch and have an accidental play at the dinner table. That’s enough to make your girlfriend more romantic at dinner.

fancy couple lunch on valentines day

A fancy lunch date

Everyone knows a valentine dinner belongs to your partner whom you actually love. Just go a few steps further and plan a fancy in house lunch date. You can also set up some sort of theme for the lunch. A sudden surprise can make the moments much more memorable. You can also plan a surprise gift at lunch. Of course, the proposal will definitely make the moments special. It goes well with any theme lunch or dress code.

A round of karaoke

Karaoke is a so exciting especially when you both have affection towards the same song. Or try out some songs which revive your journey or old memories. You can also pick from your favorite albums or movies which you used to sing for each other. This is also the right moment to dedicate a song or a poem to her/him. Our dedicated Valentines 2014 poems section will definitely help you out in this regard. Would you like to check out some specific poems instead?

Any crooning a song you remember? Make a song which will take you both to your past sweet memories and forgets the issues if you are suffering through in your relation.

cheap valentines day idea



Nothing is unique as handicraft gift. Make something for your partner and gift it at proper timing, say 12am in the morning. It is the simplest way to give a care and show an affection to your partner. In case, if handicrafts are not your cup of tea, then you can also make some valentines day cards at home. There are some good ideas about home made valentines day cards. Be creative and be innovative when it comes to the home-made gifts.

Enjoy your valentine day with such small but romantic in-house ideas.

cheap valentines day ideas

Additional Valentines Day Ideas

By now, you know some of the most romantic but cheap ideas for Valentines day. Let us know few more ideas to keep you inspired

  • Offer her some flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Pink/red dress
  • Home-made valentines day cards
  • Home-made design
  • Photo album (containing your photos with him/her)
  • Romantic movies DVD collection
  • Gadget
  • Bikini/ nighties
  • Cheap Valentines day special ring (cost around $10-$20 bucks)
  • Flip-flops
  • Red wine (for men)
  • Proposal songs and poems
  • Valentines day pop-up cards
  • Romantic beach walks
  • Decorate bedroom with flowers and surprise her
  • Bear hug (we all love passionate hug, don’t we?)

The ideas are plenty. What are you gonna do on this valentines day? Why not share your ideas with us? May be we share them with the world and crown it as a best cheap valentines day idea of 2014. The comment section is for you only.